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Premonitions of a Storm is the 1st chapter of the Wanna be the Strongest in the World! manga.


In a future event, Sakura Hagiwara is put in several submission by Rio Kazama. Sakura is frustrated that she's being beaten the way she is. Sakura refuses to give up even though she's in pain.

In the present, Sakura Hagiwara and Elena Miyazawa are competing to have the most votes in the 2011 Sweet Central Vocals National Contest. Sakura and Elena are doing special moves while singing to win the crowd over. Sakura ends up winning the contest, having 120 more votes than Elena. Elena is disappointed in losing but congratulates Sakura and says that she'll win next time. In the Sweet Changing Room, Sweet Diva's manager offers a Women's Wrestling job for anyone up for it because the girl they originally picked got influenza.

Sakura is beginning to take the job but in the middle of talking, Elena interrupts her saying that she'll become a wrestler because she doesn't want Sakura to make the differences between them widen. The next day, Elena and Sakura are heading to Berserk Gym to practice wrestling. Elena tells Sakura that there're wrestlers at the gym that take wrestling seriously and not a show for tv. Sakura says that wrestling could help promote Sweet Diva in the long run.

When they arrive there, Elena begins playing in the ring, when a wrestler named Rio Kazama shows up and tells her that the ring's not a place to play. The live broadcasting began starting while this altercation goes down. Elena makes a claim that wrestling isn't hard at all which makes Rio start bashing the idols. Elena becomes angry and challenges Rio to a exhibition match. Sakura is trying to prevent Elena for doing it as an amateur but she doesn't want to be behind her.

Immediately in their match, Rio puts Elena in submissions. Rio stops after Elena states that her leg is hurting. Suddenly, a news reporter and another top wrestler shows up by the name of Misaki Toyoda. She tells her cameraman to film Sakura and Rio. Sakura then challenges Rio to a fight.

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