Chinatsu Suzumoto
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Chinatsu Suzumoto (鈴元 千夏, Suzumoto Chinatsu)


she is a young japanese woman with purple hair which has one strand upwards like an idiot hair, she has a slim athletic body with medium size breasts, her skin is white and her eyes are gray.

for her attire outside matches she wears the traditional berserk gym coat and pants, in the ring she wears a two peace orange custom which exposes her stomach and a pair of black boots that stops beneath her knees this attire was also her training attire later on episode 7 her attire took a small drastic change it's still a two peace with the right side remaining orange and the left side being black elbow pads were also added being black in color and orange wrist pads and black knee pads.

However in the manga her attire appears as full body blue one peace that don't cover her arms and legs.


She appears as a kind individual helping Sakura up after their match and celebrate her win with her, unlike other berserk wrestlers who gave up on Sakura Chinatsu seems to still help and support her evident in helping try out a special move and acting as her corner women during her rematch with Rio as well as helping her calm down before answering Rio's question.

She also takes wrestling seriously showing in accepting blue Panther's challenge despite the audience chargin however the audience still respect her due to her speech , she also begs Sakura not leave wrestlin claming she still has alot to experience.

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Physical PowerEdit

Despite her small and slim frame she's still able to perform powerful moves such as the boston crab and picking both Sakura and later Moe and throwing them with a power bomb.

She's also quick on her feet and very flexible able to escape the first two submission holds applied to her by blue Panther however she is completly helpless against a full body submission like the knee bar and the sleeper hold.


In episode 1 she helps Sakura flex during her stuant comenting on her flexibility.

In episode 2 she is Sakura depute opponent at first Sakura appears to be winning the match before Chinatsu locks her in a boston crab and Sakura submitting to her, Chinatsu helps Sakura up and complement her and rise her arms with her.

In episode 3 she's breifly mentioned by losing to Rio when she applyed the sleeper hold.

In episode 5 she follows Sakura in the park when Sakura is thinking about her special move , the foremer starts applying submission on the latter, Chinatsu asks to herself what's Sakura's problem.

In episode 6 she acts as Sakura's corner woman and cheering her on , after Sakura emrges victorias she calms Sakura down before answering Rio's question.

In episode 7 she wathes Jackal's interview with the othrs before snapping Sakura from her thoughts, when Jackal annouces she will be attendind the all rookie star match Chinatsu immediately rushes off to train, in said event she was set to fight Miyabi's ace fighter before being switched to blue panther and losing her match to her and taken to the hosptial.

In episode 9 she's among those testing Moe during the hellish throws she tags after Kurea and starts with 31 to 40 throws.

In episode 10 she answers reptors about Sakura upcoming fight with blue Panther stating their getting a rookie(Moe) ready, she watches Sakura and Moe's match from the sidelines next to Rio where she seems to think that Moe will be the victor and gets suprised when Rio had predicted the match's outcome, she along with Rio train Sakura for her fight with blue Panther.

In episodes 11 & 12 she's among the berserk wrestler's who cheer Sakura on.

In ova 1 she helps Sakura in the mud training.


In the manga Kanae commets that Chinatsu is nervous around the audience and that she's has been a wrestler for 2 years.


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