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Elena Miyazawa is a co-singer on Sweet Diva. As she became of jealous of Sakura, she takes part of the pro female wrestling scene as Blue Panther. They eventually agree on working together as being part of Sweet Diva and a pro wrestler.


Elena Miyazawa has long and orange hair and has an eye color a blue. She usually has a yellow bow in her hair while weraing the usual Sweet Diva outfit white and red gloves, white and red top over the red and gold vest. For the bottoms, she wears a pink and white skirt with black stockings and white boots.

Elena took on the pro wrestling seen as Blue Panther. Before her reveal, she wore a blue wig with a blue one piece to go with the Blue Panther name.


Abilities and Powers

Physical Power

Like Sakura, Elena is a prodigious and inherently talented athlete and performer who is one of the few from their generation who could actually parallel the former in that regard — not to mention the only one capable of doing so in Sweet Diva, thereby cementing their longstanding rivalry as the group's leading pair of vocalists and then later as pro-wrestlers from Berserk and Miyabi, respectively.

Though she was utterly helpless against Rio at the start of the series, it was inferred that Elena has as much reserved of raw skill, promise and potential as Sakura, if not more, in pro-wrestling. Her mentor Juri herself was thrown by Elena's rapid pace of improvement when the latter began training at Miyabi, impressing the veteran even further after Elena opted to for actual pro-wrestling — culminating in Juri personally subjecting in Miyabi's own 100 hellish throws, all of which Elena resiliently stood back from before finally collapsing fainting after receiving the hundredth throw; it was hinted that Juri did not held back throughout the entire course of the session. Even more impressive was how Elena actually lasted against Jackal in a private sparring match, showing as much heart and resolution as Sakura did.

As a wrestler and for as long as she has much energy to spare, Elena fights with a serene combination between elegant finesse and repressed ferocity making it unwise for an opponent to confront her head-on without a plan or strategy readied beforehand, as that typically only results in said opponent easily falling victim to Elena's cunning holds and counters. Her repertoire of moves seemingly take after her mentor Juri's, which includes the Juri Crush and Spider's Web that both Juri and Elena can seamlessly weave together in that order to effectively entrap and incapacitate an unfortunate opponent. In fact, Juri would later vouch to Jackal and to everybody else, following the Sakura-Blue Panther match, that Elena embodied the essence of a true pro-wrestler with the only flaw she had at the time was her minimal wrestling experience on the squared circle, which was limited compared to Sakura's who had a string of 65 defeats toughening her up for her rematch against Rio.


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