Revenge Match!
Season One, Episode Six
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The Night Before the Match! The World Champion Comes to Japan!

"Revenge Match!" is the 6th episode of the Wanna be the Strongest in the World! anime.


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Sakura Hagiwara and Rio Kazama are starting their match. Sakura gets several attacks in before she attempts to jump off the top rope, only to get kicked in the abdomen. Rio puts her into the Boston Crab but she is able to get a rope break. Rio starts throwing Sakura around then puts her in the Boston Crab again. In Sakura's attempt to get out of the submission, Rio puts her leg in front of Sakura's path so she can't get the rope.

After struggling for a while, Sakura manages to get her head under the rope. Intead of putting her back into the Boston Crab, Rio puts Sakura into the Sleeper Hold and a neck choke. The referee is wondering if Sakura is still conscious so she drops her hand twice until Sakura has the initiative to beat Kazama. Sakura moves a lot so she could get out of the choke hold.


Rio Kazama punishes Sakura several times after pretending to be finished with her. After Rio attempts to jump off the rope onto Hagiwara, she moves out of the way. Sakura starts using the same submissions Kazama put her through. After getting out of the submissions, Sakura tries to pin her. Rio insists that she wasn't losing to a rookie gets out of the pin and knocks Sakura out, she follows also. After eight seconds, both Sakura and Rio get up.


Sakura commences using her dance routines from her time on Sweet Diva. Sakura uses the Ice Cream Somersault, which knocks Rio out. Hagiwara pins her for three seconds and wins. Rio calls out Hagiwara and wonders if she'll quit wrestling after winning. Sakura says that she wants to keep growing stronger and that pro wrestling her is life. Rio says that she wants a re-match.

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