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Vital statistics
Physical attributes

Hornet (ホーネット, Hōnetto) is a heel wrsetler who is a member of the league of evil, she was the diva tag team champion along with her partner Digger before losing said titles to Sakura and Misaki.


She is an adult woman with medium size breasts her attire consists of a one black peace with yellow linings exposing her arms and legs she wears black gloves with black boots with yellow linings and black branchial black colored pads and a mask that resembles a Hornet's head.


Like all members of her league she's cocky and arrogant and has no qualms about cheating and she's also sadistic.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Power

True to her name her punch is similar to a hornet's sting.

her abilities are average to high average at best.

even thou she was the reigning tag team champion it is unknown if titles defense were won with skill or by cheating.


She won the tag team championshib with her partner Digger and the two of them remained undefeated.

She was Sakura's 65th opponent and she won due to Sakura not having a special move.

She along with Digger face Sakura and Misaki for their champioships at first they win the first round by humiliating Sakura but lose the second round to Misaki and later the third round to both.

Hornet along with Digger make a cameo in the final.


Hornet and Digger are the only known champions other than Misaki.


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