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Misaki Toyoda (豊田 美咲, Toyoda Misaki) she is the ace of the berserk gym, having a campionship belt.


She is a beautiful adult woman with large breasts and a lean yet muscular figure, her skin color is white , her hair is brown and reaches beneath her neck her sideburns also reaches beneath her neck, her eyes lean on a golden color.

Her attire outside the ring consists of a pink jacket and a black shirt and gray shorts, in the ring she wears a pink leotard with pink wrist bands and white boots that don't reach her knees along with pink brachial bands.

In training her attire consists of two red peace exposing her stomach the top holding her breasts in a black cloth and the bottom doesn't stretch to her thighs with black gloves and red boots.

In sumo training her attire is a combination of her ring and training attires being a two peace pink in color the top half being held by a string in the middle.

She also wears the berserk jacket and pants outside the ring albeit only in the gym and matches.


Misaki presents herself as a calm and stoic wrestler. As shown in her match against Digger, when she's put in the Nightmare Hold by some of Digger's other teammates, she still keeps a calm and collected head.

Also, as Sakura learned the hard way, Misaki is a "sink or swim" mentor. As when Sakura tried to give up in a sparring match, Misaki refused and told her that if she didn't break out, she'd be stuck in that hold forever. That being said, Misaki is still a fair yet firm mentor, as she wanted to see Sakura succeed, and she has been in the same position as Sakura before.

It does also seem that she has a bit of a sense of humor, as she found the interaction between Sakura and Moe during their first sparring match funny and started giggling.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Power

True to her position as the ace she is by far one of if not the strongest wrsetler having lots of endurance and being able to escape alot of submission hold with ease and applying said submission holds alot harder and being able to carry smaller wrsetlers with little to no trouble as Sakura came to learn the hard way.

However Misaki isn't invincible shown when she was in the nightmare hold and she can lose focus which leads her getting injured.


Misaki was once a pop idol, but soon went to wrestling. She was mentored by Jackal Tojo, and soon became the ace of Berserk, and holds two champion titles; the Women's Champion, and the Tag Team Champion, whom she shares with Sakura.

Misaki was able to tell that Sakura wasn't ready to enter the ring however both the coach and the manager had ignored her warning , true to her prediction Sakura ended up with a losing streak of 50 matches.

When Sakura was about to quit Misaki seems to take pity on Sakura seeing in a familiar light and has her sparring with her, when she locks Sakura in a boston crab Sakura gives up but Misaki refuses to let her go and forces her to grab the robes, after that Misaki takes Sakura's letter of resignation and encourage her to continue fighting after Sakura's fight with Kurea ends with her gaining some of her fame back she asks Misaki to train which she agrees to and continue to help and support Sakura with either training or giving her words of encouragement.


Misaki appears in all the ova's being the second character behind Sakura and above Kanae to appear in all six ova's.

Her past with Juri seems to be similar to Sakura's situation with Elena.

She's the only character in the anime to have 5 attires.


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