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Moe Fukuoka
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Vital statistics
Physical attributes

Moe Fukuoa (福岡 萌, Fukuoka Moe) she is a highschool freshmen who's developed an interest in pro wrsetling thanks to Sakura.

Her grandfather is berserk's gym manager old wrestling teacher.


She is the youngest member of the cast and thus she is the shortest, she has a tomboy appearance with shoulder length brown hair and matching brown eyes.

Her casual clothing consists of a white shirt and a dark blue jacket and a red skirt. in the ring her attire is a two peace green in the middle and black in the side the top strings are next to her neck and the bottom stops atop her thighs she wears green boots and green elbow pads and black gloves.


At first glance she seems a happy go lucky person and she's also a bit naive , but she does have some insecurities about leaving her career as a karate champion , she's also extremely emotional crying at the possibility of Sakura career as wreslter ends .

She hates being underestimated when Rio called her a kid and Sakura refusing using her special move on her.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Power

As a former karate champion Moe can combine karate with wrestling.

however because she's new to wrestling she still has to get accustomed to the pain wrestlers suffer from day to day bases and she has the tendency of wasting her stamina far to early into the match giving her opponent an open victory.

Nonetheless she's a force to be wreak-in being able to perform the Octopus hold as well as charging toward her opponent to quickly for them to respond.


She is the granddaughter of a wrestling legend who taught berserk gym current manager she has known him since she was a child and sees him as an uncle, he immediately and tried to get her into wrestling but she kept refusing until he gave up.

In episode 8 she makes a cameo in the end after Sakura & Jacklal's match being inspired by Sakura's speech and decides to take up wrestling.

In episode 9 she comes to the berserk gym and starts using their equipment which angers Rio after Moe slaps her hand Rio makes a bet with her if she wins she can do whatever she wants and Moe wins with one kick, which sets the others into hostility thinking she's a spy from a rival's gym thankfully the manager comes and clears out the misunderstanding & introduces her , she makes it clear she wants Sakura to tutor her much to her char-gin and complete's her training within the span of one month, she sits on the sidelines between Sakura and Rio's match before it's interrupted by blue Panther.

In episode 10 she makes her depute as a wrestler against Sakura despite her best efforts she loses, in the sidelines again she watches Sakura training for her fight against blue Panther.

In episodes 11 & 12 she's among Sakura's entourage in her match against Elena, in the end she asks herself should she try to be an Idol like Sakura.

In ova 3 she trains with Sakura in the hotwater bath but she immediately quits.



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