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Rio Kazama
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Rio Kazama (風間 璃緒, Kazama Rio) is a pro wrestler who trains at Berserk Gym.


Rio is a young woman who looks to be about in her late teens. She has short white hair and brown eyes. Her skin tone seems to be a bit darker than the rest of the cast.

In the anime, she wears a purple two-piece with black gloves and kneepads, and purple boots. But in the manga, her attire looks to be steel-blue, and she wears tight shorts underneath her bottom.

Like all members of Berserk, Rio's gea consists of a white jacket with red sleeves and a red collar with the Berserk logo on the left chest area, and red track pants.


Rio is serious, aggressive, cocky, and does not take kindly to foolish people. She's also not above kicking people when they're down. Not to mention, she seems to have little patience, as she got annoyed with Moe constantly announcing herself upon arrival.

She has also been shown to take wrestling seriously, and will often fight people that mock it, as Elena learned the hard way.

However, when Sakura defeated her in Episode 6, Rio seems to respect Sakura much more, shaking her hand after the match and holding her hand up in victory.

In Episode 9, Chinatsu remarks that she needs to learn some social skills.

Abilities and Powers

Physical Power

Being a wrestler for four years has molded Rio into a strong and capable fighter. She has also been shown to be surprisingly strong, being able to spin Sakura around while holding her in a choke hold, even lifting her off her feet. Along with that, Rio even held Sakura up for a few seconds with only one arm in Episode 2.


She admitted that she was a big fan of Jackal Tojo and got into Wrestling because of her, she joined Berserk 4 years prior to the events of the series and climbed her way up the ladder becoming one of Berserk's finest Wrestlers and modern pro's.

She first appeared in Episode 1 where she was lecturing Elena not to disgrace Wrestling which was ignored when Elena commented how easy hitting Wrestling was when she was hitting the punching bag which triggered Rio who challenged her and Sakura to a spar the latter refused out of fear while the former took the challenge. Rio completely wrecked Elena and insulted her Idol profession which Sakura didn't take nicely to as she challenged Rio to a real match, amused by this Rio accepted as long as the terms be a Masacara conta Masacara(hair for hair) which Sakura agreed to whilst also not knowing the meaning of the term. In the day of the match Rio allowed Sakura to gain the advantage on a way to test her skills which didn't impress her as Rio kicked Sakura hardly in the stomach before proceeding to humiliate and destroy the Idol, after having enough Rio demanded that Sakura quit crying and throw in the towel which the Idol refused to resulting in Rio locking her in the Sleeper knocking her out. After recovering and learning of her defeat Sakura's eyes widened when Rio had a pair of scissors in her hand revealing the meaning of the stipulation that Sakura agreed to at first Elena tried to argue but after Rio again insulted Idol's Sakura allowed Rio to cut her hair Sakura then challenged Rio to a rematch which Rio dismissed until Sakura said she's going pro.

In Episode 2 she was the finale Wrestler to give Sakura the 10 hellish throws during which she kept belittling Sakura and undermining her but the Idol refused to quit which caused Rio to make the last throw soft.

In Episode 5 after having an off screen match Kanae and other reporters interviewed her for her upcoming rematch with Sakura where Rio mocked her opponent and brought up her huge losing streak.

In Episode 6 the rematch took place as Rio fought against Sakura in a match for the ages at first Rio was in control until Sakura turned the tables in her favour whoch resulted in Rio knocking her out along with herself. The two recovered at the same time where Rio charged at Sakura with a clutched fist after seeing her do a familiar pose the attack was avioded as Sakura picked up the win through her finisher, this changed Rio's perspective where she cut a promo congratulating Sakura for beating her then proceeds to ask her if she's running back to her Idol life. Sakura's answer was to remain a Wrestler which earned further respect from Rio as the two shook hands having buried the hatchet and turned in a new leaf but Rio did say she want's her revenge.

In Episode 7 she was watching the tv along with her fellow Berserk Wrestlers as Chinatsu noticed that rio was admiring Jackal to which Rio reveals that Jackal was the reason she became a Wrestler, when Jackal made her announcement about attending the rookie star match Rio showed regret wishing she was still a rookie before smirking proudly at Sakura's retreating form.

In Episode 8 she was sitting besides Inoba and Ryo watching the match between Jackal and Sakura hoping that the latter won't mess up.

In Episode 9 she acted as a foil to newcomer Moe from stopping her from using the ring to lecturing her in the locker room. After Moe passed her test and chose Sakura as her debut opponent, Rio joked calling Sakura a bully for fighting a rookie whilst reminding her about their supposed rematch which Sakura affirms she didn't forget as the two took shots at one another. In the night of the third match Blue Panther interfered knocking Rio out with a Sleeper.

In Episode 10 she along with Chinatsu watched the match between Sakura and Moe where the latter was in favor of Moe whilst the former was more confident in Sakura which was true, she also complained about how long it took Sakura to finish this much to Chinatsu's shock. The two were then seen working Sakura out in preparation for the upcoming match with Blue Panther where during the discussion of Juri being Blue Panther Rio told Moe to give her some credit since she was taken out by one Sleeper.

In the last two Episodes Rio was among Sakura's entourage where she told the ref to count a pin she didn't notice and smirking about Sakura borrowing her finisher(The Northern lights suplex). After the match where Sakura being confronted about her standing Rio told Sakua to give her their third match and then she can back to being an Idol.

In ova 1 she was mocking Sakura and Chinatsu lack of ability and offered to show them how it's done until Sakura took off her top by accident.


  • Chinatsu remarks that Rio needs to learn some social skills, implying she's unsocial.
  • In Episode 6, we learn she has four years of wrestling experience.
  • In the third OVA, as Juri explains the hot water test to Sakura and Moe, it shows a still flashback at other wrestlers who've taken it. And the first one shown was Rio.
  • Rio seems to have some similarities the Japanese pro wrestler Giulia as both have a darker skin tone, an abrasive persona, and a pretense for using scissors to cut opponents hair.


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