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Rio Kazama (風間 璃緒, Kazama Rio) is a pro wrestler who trains at Berserk Gym.


Rio is a young woman who looks to be about in her late teens. She has short white hair and brown eyes. Her skin tone seems to be a bit darker than the rest of the cast.

In the anime, she wears a purple two-piece with black gloves and kneepads, and purple boots. But in the manga, her attire looks to be steel-blue, and she wears tight shorts underneath her bottom.

Like all members of Berserk, Rio's gea consists of a white jacket with red sleeves and a red collar with the Berserk logo on the left chest area, and red track pants.


Rio is serious, aggressive, cocky, and does not take kindly to foolish people. She's also not above kicking people when they're down. Not to mention, she seems to have little patience, as she got annoyed with Moe constantly announcing herself upon arrival.

She has also been shown to take wrestling seriously, and will often fight people that mock it, as Elena learned the hard way.

However, when Sakura defeated her in Episode 6, Rio seems to respect Sakura much more, shaking her hand after the match and holding her hand up in victory.

In Episode 9, Chinatsu remarks that she needs to learn some social skills.

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Physical PowerEdit

Being a wrestler for four years has molded Rio into a strong and capable fighter. She has also been shown to be surprisingly strong, being able to spin Sakura around while holding her in a choke hold, even lifting her off her feet. Along with that, Rio even held Sakura up for a few seconds with only one arm in Episode 2.



  • Chinatsu remarks that Rio needs to learn some social skills, implying she's unsocial.
  • In Episode 6, we learn she has four years of wrestling experience.
  • In the third OVA, as Juri explains the hot water test to Sakura and Moe, it shows a still flashback at other wrestlers who've taken it. And the first one shown was Rio.


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