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"The Shocking Mud Wrestling!" is the first special of the Wanna be the Strongest in the World! anime.


In Berserk Gym, Sakura is eager to do the special training Misaki mentioned to her. Misaki leads Sakura to an area of Berserk Gym and shows her the mud ring to do mud wrestling. Chinatsu shows up and thinks that Sakura has given too much privilege to enter the mud ring. Misaki then explains the history of mud wrestling to Sakura. After hearing this, Sakura heads to the ring and slips and falls on Chinatsu. However, Misaki was reminding Sakura of her training while she continued to fail in finding her balance.

Rio shows up and scoffs at Salura and Chinatsu for playing around. When Rio gets in the ring, she is challenged by Sakura but she slips and exposes Rio's breasts and this act embarrasses her and they both fall together. Misaki decides to join in because she feels as thiugh they are slacking and abashes Sakura. Kanae arrives and charges Chinatsu with the Demonic 48 technique and throws her on Rio. Then both Chinatsu and Misaki wrestle with each other. While they're wrestling, Sakura is admiring the two but Misaki wanted Sakura to wrestle with her and Sakura pursued Misaki.

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