The Lethal Lotion Sumo!
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"The Lethal Lotion Sumo!" is the second special of the Wanna be the Strongest in the World! anime.


Sakura is eager for the next special training Misaki has for her. Misaki introduces Sakura the lotion ring. Kurea enters the ring and questions Misaki for allowing Sakura to be there. She then explains the history of lotion sumo to Sakura while they cover their bodies in lotion. Misaki wants Kurea to help master the capablity of lotion sumo and Sakura exclaims that'll become stronger and won't lose to Kurea. Both Kurea and Misaki cover their bodies in lotion but Misaki falls while doing so. After this, Kurea then attacks Sakura, making her slide across the lotion ring. Kanae arrives and slides toward Kurea and while they're sliding, Kanae rubs her body on Kurea's.

Misaki enters the ring and slides toward Sakura, explaining that lotion should be of use. Misaki then collides bodies with Sakura, making her feel hot. Kanae decides to challenge Misaki but she mangaes to get away from Kanae. Jackall appears from the sky and attacks Misaki, using her Pleasurable Lotion Sumo technique, which partakes in Jackall rubbing her opponent's body on hers. Both Kurea and Kanae exclaim that Jackall won't beat them so they attack Sakura and run their bodies on Sakura's. Misaki is concerned for Sakura because she thinks two may be too much for her, but Jackall is attacked by Sakura, Kurea, and Kanae. All four, Sakura, Misaki, Kurea, and Kanae grab all of Jackall's limbs. They then continue they lotion sumo.

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