The Great Play-off! A Boiling Hot Bath!
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"The Great Play-off! A Boiling Hot Bath!" is the third special of the Wanna be the Strongest in the World! anime.


Sakura is eager for the next special traiing and Misaki introduces a bolining hot bath. The purpose of the hot bath is to be able to endure the heat. Moe shows up and asks for her permission to be able to her on the special training. Sakura accepts but says she wants to be the one who'll endure heat the most in the world. Juri shows up and and says that she thinks they're underestimating the bath. She explains that power fighters that have taken a bath in there experience agonizing reactions, called the "King of Reactions." Misaki then tellsJuri that she's underestimating them and says that they're wearing the underwear from the beginning. Juri praises Misaki for knowing her stuff and then she rips of her clothes, into her underwear. Juri also says that she brought reinforcements, which was Elena Miyazawa. Elena is questioned by Sakura for being there bit Elena states that she's there because she wants to settle the score after the National Vote. Moe then is wanting to go first to enter the bath.

At the bath, Moe is preparing to go in but she says she doesn't want anyone to push her in. Although, she did want Sakura to push her in so Sakura did. Moe found the bath hot so she covered her body in ice. Sakura tells Moe she'll take revenge for her in the bath. Sakura enters the bath slowly and endures the pain of the heat while sitting in the bat. Elena enters in bath and does the same but Kanae appears and uses a utensil to make the bath worse. After this, Elena and Sakura rush to cover their bodies with ice. Misaki is tackled by Juri and they both make their way to the boiling bath. Kanae decided to do the same thing shendid to Elena and Sakura but she slips and falls in. Sakura and Elena praise their teachers for enduring the heat and they decide not to lose to them. Juri and Misaki tell them to enter the bath and so they did.

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