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Tojo Jackall
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Vital statistics
Physical attributes

Jackal Tojo is the current Shagra-la world champion, before that however she used to work at Berserk supposedly as the ace which was inherited by her apprentice Misaki Toyoda.


She's a beautiful adult woman with long blonde hair and matching golden eyes. Outside matches she wears a white shirt on top of a black one, a matching skirt and high heeled black boots.

In the ring she wears a white leotard, with a black sports bra underneath along with matching trunks. White armbands with black wrists, black knee pads and cowboy themed boots.


She's displays a rather strong confident aura around herself as expected of the world champion. She seems to share some personality traits with her prodigy Misaki as seen in a flashback where she puts a younger Misaki in a situation simliar to how Misaki done with Sakura. She has a very large amounts of pride for wrestling fans as shown when Misaki got injured (thus unable to carry out their intended program) she suggested looking for a replacement instead of cancelling the program.

She also keeps a look out for the current rookies looking for the next big thing in them, as shown in the above incident when Inoba(Berserk's manager) suggested a Pro to replace Misaki Jackal rejected it instead deciding to attend the all rookie star match looking for her opponent there. Before this example Jackal was attending this event to look for diamonds in the rough as she commented.

She seems able to figure some shady business out as shown when she linked Blue Panther with Juri before Misaki and the rest of the cast did.


Abilities and Powers

Physical Power

She's by far the strongest character shown in the anime being leagues ahead of everyone else. Making simple submission holds like the Camel clutch and Boston crab hurt a whole lot more than they naturally do.

She can easily pick smaller girls like feathers, not to mention possessing killer finishing moves.


From what we were shown Jackal was the ace of Berserk back when Misaki was younger, during her time Misaki was like Sakura as she suffered 49 losses in a row by giving up to the figure four leg lock. Jackal then invited Misaki to a spar where she forcibly locked the young girl in her dreaded submission hold forcing her to touch the ropes, Misaki comments that was the moment that turned her into who she currently is. Sometime after that she supposedly trained Misaki's old Idol rival Juri Sanada then travlled the world in Shangra-la becoming it's champion.

She makes her official appearance in episode 7 where she arrives in the airport greeted by her old apprentice Misaki whom will be working a program with her. She was later seen in her apartment recalling the old days with Misaki and Kanae. She came to check on Misaki when she got injured and suggested looking for an opponent to replace Misaki amongst the rookies much to everyone's shock and awe. In the end of the episode she chooses Sakura much to everyone's surprise.

In episode 8 she wrestles with Sakura which was acclaimed and loved by the crowd, she was seen talking and praising Sakura in front of Misaki in the end.

Later episodes she remains a playing force searching about Blue Panther and overseeing the match between Sakura and Elena and suggesting for the two to live both of dreams at the same time.

Major Battles

Vs Sakura Hagiwara (Win).



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